Happy Old Year!!! It’s 31 December 2017 and the minutes are ticking away…to the deadline for entries for the New

9 January, 2018

For the first time ever, fleaBITE performed live. Rainbow’s End, Manukau City, Auckland, September 2016.   After two awards for

28 March, 2017

Cat Scratch Fever has its roots in an intimate relationship I once shared with my (now deceased) feline friend, Wobeel.

14 December, 2016

Hello fleaBITE fanciers We just wanted to let you know that fleaBITE won two awards at the 2015 NZ Music

1 August, 2015

I am often asked this question. I always find it slightly odd… as if ideas can be purchased from a

7 November, 2014

DON’T SIT UNDER THE POO TREE   Why ever not, you ask? It seems as good a place to sit as

5 May, 2014

Everywhere I looked at the WOMAD festival, children were having a fab time. They were rolling down grassy hillsides, giddy

18 March, 2014

If you have an open mind, artistic inclination and like to journey off the beaten track, let me introduce you

25 January, 2014

Lucky old me…invited to the NZ MUSIC AWARDS. As a result of fleaBITE winning the Tui for Best NZ Children’s

25 November, 2013
Gecko Press Interview

I recently ran into Julia Marshall, the founder of Gecko Press, at the Kokomai Creative Festival in the Wairarapa. We

30 October, 2013
Toy Tester!

Move over Willy Wonker… in New Zealand the job that every child wants is to be a Toy Tester for

28 August, 2013
Horse of the Year

On the last weekend of July, Christchurch hosted two awards ceremonies. The first was the Children’s Music Awards. The second

11 August, 2013
THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (USA) Amy Handler and her weekly show THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT are off the beaten track of children’s radio. THE

23 July, 2013
JACK RUSSELL – in dog we trust

When I become famous, what legacy do I want to leave behind? Do I want my name attached to a

6 July, 2013
Ah yes…record shops. Remember them?

In my early days in Wellington, Colin Morris Records in Willis Street was the place to go to. Colin himself

19 June, 2013
Judging the Judges

The award for Best New Zealand Children’s Album is being reinstated this year after a twelve year absence. Fatcat &

9 May, 2013
FLEA CIRCUSES by Nik Peachey

Even as a child I never once thought that a flea circus involved real fleas, so imagine my surprise when

25 April, 2013
Forget Me Not

Even when you are expecting a pet (or person) to pass away, the reality always comes as a shock. They

1 March, 2013

1971 ‘Hydrabad’ wreck on Waitarere Beach – Horowhenua Historical Society Inc. The popular song THE WRECK OF THE DIDDLEY (by Fatcat &

20 January, 2013
Hair Clip

F&F Productions is gaining quite a reputation for producing quirky and fun animated music clips for children. Our latest project

14 December, 2012
Oodles Of Poodles!

Photos taken by fleaBITE at the Ladies Kennel Association – All Breeds Champ Show, Ardmore, Auckland.

13 November, 2012
Margaret Mahy R.I.P

Writer Margaret Mahy was my childhood hero. When Fatcat & Fishface put out their first album HORRIBLE SONGS FOR CHILDREN,

1 October, 2012
Adam Page

I like working by myself, but for the new fleaBITE project, CIRCUS OF FLEAS, I wanted a collaborator. Someone to

12 September, 2012
Famous Fleas – a lesson

It may surprise you that many famous poets have singled out the humble flea for attention. 17th century English poet

13 August, 2012

Driving through the lush green New Zealand countryside I had a feeling that something was lacking. It took a while

30 June, 2012
In The Studio

So what actually happens in the studio? Well, fleaBITE can now show exclusive pics that reveal the hard work, long

10 June, 2012
Just Start

Coming up with an idea for a song can be totally random. Although sometimes I might be fired up with

10 May, 2012
Pet Of The Month

Working in a music studio in your own home has many benefits. You can turn up for work in your pyjamas

16 April, 2012
Festering fleaBITE

fleaBITE has been busy. The (lack of) a summer in Wellington this year provided lots of time in the studio

1 March, 2012

When we first start putting out our brand of music for children the response wasn’t always positive. We were a

11 February, 2012
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