While a lot of songs on the fleaBITE album started as errant thoughts, ideas, sounds and notions, some of them started as a full track of music.

‘Hair’ began life as an instrumental that I intended to submit to a Barcelona-based royalty free online company (Music Loops). I met the couple who run the company when they came to New Zealand to work on the Lord of the Rings films. We became friends and I still write music for their site.

I spent many hours working on the track, then decided to have a break and go into town to give my eyes and ears (and brain) a rest. I got changed and looked in the mirror. My first thought was, “Hair….why is it there?”. The words fitted so perfectly with the music I’d just written that I headed back to the studio and grabbed paper and pen.

Funnily enough, at the end of the process I headed to the local pool. After a few laps going up and down with the ‘Hair’ song still playing on high rotate inside my head, I heard my name being called out. I looked up and saw Bill, a clean-shaven and impeccably polite man who I had only met when we were both fully clothed. There he stood, wearing the tiniest of speedos, his body literally dripping with yeti style hair.

It all seemed to fit perfectly with the song I’d just finished and I had to try very hard not to burst out laughing.

Lyrics – HAIR

Why is it there?
People stop and people stare

When I walk
Out of the door
It flows from my armpits
Down to the floor
When I go
Out in the street
It grows from my head
And down to my feet


When I smile
It gets in my mouth
I’m all hairy
West, north, east and south

When I eat
It gets in my food
I’m so hairy
I never get nude


No-one can tell
If I’m happy or sad
No-one can tell
If I’m good or I’m bad
I brush my body
And I brush my teeth
I’m hairy above
And I’m hairy beneath


When I look
It gets in my eyes
I see the world
Through a hairy disguise
When I cry
It wipes up my tears
I’ve been hairy
For months and for years

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