How to Write an Album


A blank piece of paper.

An untouched keyboard.

A steaming cup of tea and two pieces of vegemite on toast.


The Process:

1. Just start.

Don’t think too much about it. See what comes naturally. Play with it. Throw your imagination far and wide. Scrawl down lyrics on paper, jot down musical ideas, record sounds you like. Be messy.This is the fun bit. And remember that your first idea or take is often the best. Come back later to sort out the good bits. Shape and arrange. Ditch the rest. Repeat.



place where no one can hear you caterwauling.



Early bird or night owl, it doesn’t matter which.  

I tend to work in intense two hour bursts.



Damn – I knew you’d ask that.


Extra flavour:

Select people that you like and respect and can feel relaxed with. Bribe them with goodies. Have a few laughs. Talk through what you have in mind and then leave them to do their thing. 


Add heat:

Pay a professional to mix and master your songs.  You may have created them but they now have a life of their own.  Try not to be too precious.



Work with an artist/designer to create a cover that evokes the same feel as your music. Have a few arguments.  End up happy.



On a CD, or digital outlet near you.