Pet Of The Month

Working in a music studio in your own home has many benefits. You can turn up for work in your pyjamas with vegemite smears on your face at any time of the day or night as the mood takes you.
You can do a spot of cleaning or raiding the fridge when awaiting inspiration. But best of all, there’s always a furry friend on hand to provide companionship, and offer a playful alternative to the obsessive allure of the computer.

Many a recording session has been interrupted by wild attempts to chase a plucky mouse that has (momentarily) escaped the fangs of death; a careless, padded stroll over the mixing console has created moments of panic as important buttons are turned off at whim; and the sound of purring has often mysteriously appeared in the background of vocal tracks. Not to mention that fine layer of fur that lovingly settles on every available surface.

My colleagues all have animal attendants, in fact it’s become almost a condition of employment. The art of cover design now call for a tail thumping wagger in the corner of the room, layout seems pointless without clucking chickens in the coop out the back, and intense recording sessions wouldn’t be the same without a smug feline lounging in a spot of sunlight reminding one of the simple pleasures of life.
Pet of the Month:

Wobble – Associate Producer

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