When we first start putting out our brand of music for children the response wasn’t always positive. We were a small fish in a big sea of cheap products from overseas (outside New Zealand), and many places didn’t want to take the risk with something new.

Here are some of the outlets in Wellington that have always been on our side. They are also quirky independent outfits and we would like to take the chance to support them, just as they have supported us over the years.

Iko Iko:

Iko Iko on Cuba Street has been selling our CDs from the beginning, back in 1997. They are known for their fabulous shop window displays, and quirky crafty wares. They are the ideal place to check out when present-buying for the young at heart, and have also let us decorate the shop window for the launch of new albums.

Slow Boat Records:

Slow Boat Records is one of the few independent record stores left in town. It is bursting with audio gems, be they vinyl or CD, second hand or sparkling new. The staff will lead you off the beaten track into new listening pleasures.

Unity Books:

Unity Books is brimming with books that entice, and staff that are seductively knowledgeable. Proudly independent since their small beginnings in 1967, Unity has recently expanded, which means more room for quality books. It is very easy to spend a lot of time here.

The Children’s Bookshop:

The Wellington Children’s Bookshop is tucked away in the suburb of Kilbirnie. John McIntyre (who owns the store with wife Ruth) is a regular guest on Radio New Zealand National, telling us the latest and greatest from the world of children’s literature.