Hello fleaBITE fanciers
We just wanted to let you know that fleaBITE won two awards at the 2015 NZ Music Awards!


1. Our latest album THE JUNGLE IS JUMPING won Best NZ Children’s Album.
This follows the success of our previous album CIRCUS OF FLEAS which took the Tui in 2013. We are thrilled!


Thanks to: contributors Conrad Wedde (guitar) and Chris O’Connor (drums) from THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION, jazz wild-man, Jeff Henderson who played sax, clarinet and sang deep manly backing vocals and Angus McNaughton who did a great job of mixing and mastering.
And thanks also to Creative NZ for their support.
You can listen/buy THE JUNGLE IS JUMPING via our website here.
2. Our animated music clip DON’T SIT UNDER THE POO TREE won What Now Video of the Year. This was decided by audience vote!
Thanks to Stephen Templer (illustrator) and Ross Payne (animator) who co-directed this classic clip.
You can watch it below:

Thanks for your support

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