Everywhere I looked at the WOMAD festival, children were having a fab time.
They were rolling down grassy hillsides, giddy with laughter; climbing accommodating plane trees for a better view; playing Connect Four by moonlight, and constructing slides (erosion!) with sticks and gusto. In three days at the children infested Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth, I didn’t see a single tear or tantrum.  And in the specifically designed Kidzone children were busily making insect costumes for the parade (theme…Things with Wings), climbing rock walls, and being entertained by men with hoops, and piratical types. And fleaBITE.

There we were, in our lime green stripy costumes dancing up a storm as the tail end of Cyclone Lusi flicked in our direction. And when I say we, I am referring to the fleaBITE dancers/choreographers…Lyne Pringle and the lovely Sarah.  This was, in fact, our first ever fleaBITE dance workshop, and judging by the reaction, there will be more. Here are some photos for your vicarious enjoyment…some of the workshop in the Kidzone tent, and others from the cacophonous (?) parade that weaved around the park.