You’re A Drip

I knew that I wanted to write a song that told the story of where water came from and where it goes. We are so used to water appearing in our homes at our beck and call that we take it for granted. I started off trying to write something called ‘The Pipes’, using bagpipes. After a couple of attempts I realised it wasn’t going to work.

A couple of nights later as I stretched out in the bath, (one of my favourite places), I listened to the musical drips as they landed in the water, making their own happy tune. I suddenly realised what I had to do. Over the next week I compiled a soundtrack using only drips of water from different sources, then added the vocal. Very effective and very simple. ‘You’re A Drip’.

You’re a Drip

You’re a drip, you join with others of your kind
From the lakes to streams to oceans
You come as rain to earth from dark clouds above
Always in a downward motion
We try and catch your drippiness
We need it for life
We try and squeeze you into
A series of pipes
You’re a drip…You’re a drip…You’re a drip

We turn on our taps and out you just come
We’re lazy, we like it that way
And when we’ve had enough, it’s easy, we just turn you off
And trapped in our plumbing you stay
You seem so clean we drink you
We wash and we spray
And when we’ve finished unplug you
You just go away
You’re a drip…You’re a drip…You’re a drip

Fish swim in you
Dive down deep

We call you drink and liquid and water and bath
And puddle and dampness and rain
We sip and we swallow, eventually we flush
Thanks for coming, nice to see you again
Where do you go, where are you headed
So moistly and wet
Out to the sea and oceans and rivers I bet
You’re a drip…You’re a drip…You’re a drip

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